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Welcome to Holmesdale Day Care

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Holmesdale Day Care was developed organically, due to the huge demand for Holmesdale House Residential Care Home we thought lets spread the joy and allow others to enjoy the experience, so Holmesdale Day Care was born – whilst still 'Keeping it simple'

Holmesdale Day Care arose from research and developed through understanding the needs of our ageing population who wish to remain living in their own homes, to continue having control of their own lives. Holmesdale Day Care also offers respite to your family members who maybe busy during day, this was they can have peace of mind knowing that you are safe and happy for a few hours of the day. Holmesdale Day Care gives you a wholesome style of care, what type of care? You decide!

We know that moving into an appropriate care facility is not the difficult part, the moving out of your own homes is the difficult part, so with Holmesdale Day Care you can the best of both worlds.

Holmesdale Day Care is not a "Centre" it is your home away from home. The setting is based inside an everyday house which is situated adjacent to the successful Holmesdale House Residential Care Home.

Holmesdale Day Care offers a caring and hospitable environment for vulnerable adults in the local community offering conversation, home cooked hot meals, assistance with grooming, whilst keeping in mind your hobbies and interests and most importantly building your confidence to feel independence and empowerment. It doesn't end here the possibilities are endless, even if it is to get away for a few hours, read a book or watch a DVD – this is all possible for you.

8 August 2016

Dear All.

Thank you very much for all your patience with Holmesdale Day Care.

We are now OPEN!

The journey has been challenging but exciting on the token. The dream is now alive! We have a number of people who have already joined us which is fantastic and more who are looking to join us soon.

As always if you would like to register you interest give us a call on 01424 217 953 or shoot us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Much Love!