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Welcome to Holmesdale House Residential Care Home

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Holmesdale House Residential Care Home is an experience that everyone over the age of 65 has earnt.  Our small family run Care Home is a home away from home in every aspect, our home promotes independence with a strong sense of self achievement coupled with privacy and dignity.

The culture embedded within Holmesdale House Residential Care Home will allow each resident to experience similar traits of living within their own homes, only needing to know that should they require assistance then there will always be someone happy to assist.  Maximum input from the families, friends and the resident themselves will be crucial in providing bespoke care, we will always put the resident at the center of their own requirements which we will help deliver and let the residents to experience.

Holmesdale House Residential Care Home serves nutritious, well balanced home cooked food on a daily basis.  We grow some of our own fruit and vegetables, which are prepared for consumption in our domestic kitchen.  We provide regular suitable activities, entertainment, movie afternoons, each group of residents are varied so we tweak our events dependent on the residents personal preference and interests, early in 2016 we will be starting our Oral History sessions.

Our landscape grounds are a pleasure for anyone, especially in spring/summer, the 1/4 acre provides a secure, secluded spacious area for residents to enjoy with their friends and family leaving them wander and relax within.  Our garden is in view from the Home itself which renders it a safe place for any resident on their own.

We offer respite care, short term care and long term residential care where loved ones can be assured that the care provided will be met with the highest standards.  Our team of health care professionals are equipped with the required qualifications and continue to develop professionally.

Holmesdale House Residential Care Home will always aim to deliver unparalleled quality of care where your loved one is at the heart of it, we give choices and offer a person-centered care structure which takes into account every detail from the colour of the ladies lipstick to which side of the bowl the spoon needs to be on, dependent on whether the resident is left handed or right handed.   Our residents take priority over our business needs on any given day, we have a highly experienced multi-disciplinary team who can advise on areas when and if required.

What makes Holmesdale House Residential Care Home special?

  • We have won South East England's Top 20 Most Recommended Care Home in South East England for two years – this accolade was awarded to us by the good words that we received from the friends and family of the residents that are still with us and the residents that have lived here.
  • The Managers/Owners reside on the premises, our living area is above the resident's rooms, the ground floor is flat level and our rooms are upstairs.
  • The Managers/Owners eat what the residents and we personally prepare and cook food for them when needed.
  • Our Home is odourless, the only aroma is of food being cooking and freshly cut grass, our Home is cleaned weekly by Oakey's Professional Cleaners who do a fantastic job. Should anything during the week require cleaning/sterilising then this is carried our immediately by Oakey's. We are extremely house proud.
  • There are three spacious seating areas, two lounges (one with large flat screen TV, one with no TV) and a spacious conservatory/summer house which is light and airy with minimal clutter.
  • There is Wi-Fi available throughout the whole house.
  • All our rooms are neutrally and lightly decorated with the required furniture which leaves room for the residents own furniture should they wish. All our rooms are equipped with an en-suite which includes a heated towel rail, mirrored bath cabinet and cupboard space.
  • We have built great relationship with all the local GP's in the area, we can obtain a GP and medicine within hours of its request, and we also have a personal relationship with our local dispenser who takes the time out to get to know our residents personally by visiting the home regularly as well as dispensing their medicine.
  • Our carer to resident's ratio is four carers to six residents, this does not include the two Managers who are very hands on, should we be needed then there is no job to big or small.
  • The resident's nominated point of contact will be emailed at the beginning of each month to provide a comprehensive update on their loved one. This communication will cover each aspect of the resident's daily living, which will also detail how we as a Home are providing a solution to any need that has arisen and been bought to our attention. Our main aim is to be as discreet as possible with any changes, allowing the resident to feel independent and empowered.
  • Holmesdale House Residential Care Home is a unique Residential Care Home that has to be seen and experienced to be understood and believed.