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Translation Service

The UK has a very diverse population and over the past decade has seen an increase in non-English speaking individuals going into care, however with the language barrier these individuals have found themselves in very upsetting situations as their care needs are not fully met, and more worryingly their needs assumed.

Ayush Care believe that a holistic approach to person-centred care is paramount to ensuring that diversity and equality is properly considered when defining an individual's care needs as this can have serious implications on the individual and the care provider. The language barrier in care is becoming a growing concern in the UK and it is crucial that the industry identifies this problem and takes action.

Ayush Care has recently contributed towards a number of translated needs assessments that involved understanding the individual's capacity and explaining the options available to them. These translations along with our Understanding Care service helps alleviate anxiety, provide support and ensure individuals are in control of their own care needs.

Although currently we are only providing translations to Gujarati & Hindi we are in the process of collating a network of bilingual speakers who will be happy to help. Please contact us with your request.

Notice Required & Fees Apply