About Us


What once started as a long standing dream for our late father became a passion of ours in 2012. We realised that the care industry moved in a manner which we wanted to become a part of, we knew this huge career change for both of us would require an abundance of hard work, long hours and personal sacrifices.

As our father’s proud children we embarked upon a journey that was not only unfamiliar to us but tested our resilience, patience and drive to succeed. Our days now consist of trials and tribulations of your loved ones living at Holmesdale House, their care and needs are what we strive to achieve and deliver.

There were no books, academic journals, websites that had any of the answers – this gave us the realisation of the challenge we were about to face head on…we are all ageing and it was the inevitable. Upon carrying out research to identify what the ageing population needed, the results were disconcerting but the answer was simple. Asking your loved one ‘what can I do for you’? Is this something that you can allow Holmesdale House to do for you?

Spending over 7 years taking care of our own loved ones, showed us what it meant to them and us. We knew that people like us could add value to others to make a difference to the quality of their lives. Would you want to be taken care of in a Home where everything is about you and you alone?

We embarked on this journey in December 2012 full of determination and ambition to imagine and live the dream of our father. We realised that the “dream” we kept referring to was not only the dream of his, but it quickly became the dream of those who entrusted us with their care by making our Home yours.