Frequently Asked Questions


Will you take care of me medically?
Yes we will, one of our most important responsibility is taking care of your medicines (dosages and frequencies). We are happy to discuss any issues and concerns that you may have about your health and how you feel. We pride ourselves in working in close proximity with your GP and Community Nurses and keep a very transparent but confidential working relationship. We will take care of all your medication needs including reordering and administration.

What happens if I get ill after I move in?
Although we are a residential care home, nursing care cannot be offered. However, we are an experienced home and seek appropriate advice from your GP, Pharmacist’s, Dietitians, and Incontinence nurses. The care provided will be within our remit and we will do everything needed to make your treatment as effortless and stress free as possible.

Can I use my own furniture in my new home?
Yes, of course you can use your own furniture. However, we will have to be mindful of the size of your bedroom and safety regulations, your safety is imperative. We encourage you to bring your own furniture, trinkets and ornaments (that’s not to say that we won’t provide it), as this fits in nicely with the Holmesdale House experience as it is literally a home away from and home.

Can my friends and family visit me at Holmesdale House?
We would absolutely love to meet your friends and family, we want you to be happy and comfortable at all time, they are always welcome to come and visit you, we would only ask that visitors refrain from visiting between midday and 1.30pm as this is the time when you enjoy your meal with your fellow residents. We would be happy to provide refreshments together with cakes and biscuits to your visitors too.

Am I able to go out when I want?
The culture we have embedded into Holmesdale House means that you are more than welcome to go out at your convenience, you remaining independent and socially active is an important aspect of your care. If you have arranged for an outing then all we would ask is that you inform us of your whereabouts and timings due to our catering commitments.